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vCloud Air Security – Encryption and Key Management

Encryption and Key Management for vCloud Air

Your Encrypted Data, Your Encryption Keys, vCloud Air Security

There are huge advantages to moving to the public cloud – agility, cost, and others. There are also considerable advantages to deploying infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offerings that leverage your existing vSphere environment. VMware’s vCloud Air is no exception. However, the biggest problem for many is that feeling like they have lost control over their data or even worse, they avoid the cloud altogether because of fears of loss of control.

A Better Way for vCloud Air Security

HyTrust has worked closely with VMware and the vCloud Air team to develop encryption and key management software for vCloud Air. This way you can take advantage of the cost-effective agility you get with the cloud while being confident that nobody can read your data because it is encrypted and you control the encryption keys. Best of all, it’s fast and easy to deploy and manage and the encryption travels with your VMs.

HyTrust DataControl provides encryption and key management designed specifically to address the unique requirements of private, hybrid and public clouds including vCloud Air. It keeps data on virtual machines secure through the entire lifecycle–from deployment and migration through sanctioned decommission. HyTrust also offers strong and easy-to-deploy key management, ensuring that regardless of where data resides—whether in private or public clouds—organizations always retain control over their data.

HyTrust DataControl encryption can be deployed in seconds and offers the ability to initially encrypt or re-key data without taking applications or servers offline – capabilities we call zero downtime encryption and zero downtime rekey. This is a significant competitive advantage in an operating environment where regulators continue to augment data security compliance requirements since DataControl can be leveraged instantly to support mandates such as PCI DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, CJIS, FedRAMP, and Data Sovereignty/Data Residency. Unlike whole disk encryption, which leaves all data unprotected whenever it is read from disk, HyTrust DataControl is purpose-built for virtualized, multi-tenant infrastructures and automatically keeps data encrypted and protected as virtual machines are copied and moved.

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