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Why Companies, Not CSPs, Should Hold The Keys To Workload Encryption

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Encryption and Key Management with VMware and HyTrust

Date: February 27, 2018

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Our Mission:

Enable trustworthy infrastructure. HyTrust Workload Security Solutions reduce risk by automating compliance and enforcing security-based policies across private and public clouds.

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Public Cloud

Solutions for IBM Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure

Private Cloud

Solutions for VMware, Nutanix, Cisco, Pivot3, SimpliVity, Netapp

How confident are you that you’ve identified and addressed all of your organizations security and compliance gaps in a multi-cloud environment?

In a multi-cloud world where technology moves at lightning speed and security often plays catchup, organizations face the daunting challenge of eliminating the gaps and resolving the inconsistencies in policy enforcement and adherence to compliance mandates.


HyTrust can help you.

HyTrust Workload Security solutions protect your private and public cloud workloads by providing automated compliance and enabling policy driven security across multiple cloud environments.


HyTrust CloudControl

HyTrust CloudControl provides advanced privileged user access control, policy enforcement, forensic grade logging and automated compliance for workloads running in private clouds.

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HyTrust DataControl

HyTrust DataControl provides powerful data-at-rest encryption and integrated key management for workloads running in any cloud environment.

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“With the rapid proliferation of data, cloud is becoming the platform enterprises turn to for innovation, but security and compliance concerns remain top of mind.”

– John Considine, General Manager for Cloud Infrastructure, IBM

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Data Sheets

HyTrust CloudControl Data Sheet

HyTrust CloudControl provides automated protection and compliance to allow hyper-convergence of virtual workloads on the smallest datacenter...

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The Road to a Secure, Compliant Cloud

Technology innovation can...


White Papers

Why Companies, not CSPs, should hold the keys to workload encryption

Organizations are looking to protect their workloads, and avoid being in the headline of another data breach. Read this whitepaper to discover how workload encrypt...

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