The Power of the Cloud, Secured with Strong Encryption

HyTrust Cloud Encryption​​

Cloud Encryption

Cloud Encryption – Agile, Yet Secure

The advantages of the public cloud are clear — great flexibility, agility and potential cost savings due to scale and a pay-as-you-go model. But despite these advantages, many organizations are still reluctant to move their applications and data to the cloud. Indeed, over 50% of IT managers have expressed reluctance to move sensitive data to the public cloud. However, savvy organizations are starting to ask the right questions about cloud encryption and other ways they can secure their cloud data:

How do I retain control over data?

Will I have data in the cloud that might be subject to compliance requirements?

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How can I secure cloud data without killing the cost and agility benefits?

HyTrust Cloud Encryption, powered by our DataControl product, addresses these concerns for enterprises with flexible, easy to deploy encryption and key management software that helps organizations lock down applications and data when it’s deployed in any cloud infrastructure. This ensures that the service provider does not have access to your encryption keys, and you stay in control of your data at all times.​

Also, HyTrust DataControl Cloud Encryption allows you to encrypt data on the fly, which means no downtime is needed to deploy. Additionally, when dealing with compliance requirements to rekey encrypted data, HyTrust DataControl allows you to seamlessly rekey without downtime – a key operational consideration.

In the past, performance was a consideration with encryption, but with the advent of technologies such as AES-NI, allowing hardware accelerated encryption, encryption is seamless with no perceptible impact on overall system performance.

While the cost and agility benefits of the public cloud have been obvious for a number of years, security has been a concern. However, with DataControl this is no longer the case. You keep the encryption keys so regardless of where your data is, you know it is safe.