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Prevent Insider Threats

The Challenge

Most organizations struggle with managing privileged-user access in their cloud environment and few IT managers are satisfied with the degree of visibility and control they have over the privilege granting process.  This issue is vital for cyber security because privileged users are the most useful vectors for hackers looking to steal credentials or the most dangerous form of insider threats.  Therefore, the first step in any cybersecurity risk management strategy is understanding which privileged user has what access to critical assets in the organization.

Unprecedented Privileged Access to the Enterprise

Although there is a tendency to equate insider threats with a malicious act by a privileged user — the majority of incidents are non-malicious, non-intentional mistakes that unfortunately can lead to devastating results because smart people can make honest mistakes. However, when it comes to something as critical as your data center environment you need to take every precaution to avoid them.

The probability of an outage from an insider breach or mistake is increasing exponentially as organizations move away from the traditional data center model where technology silos guaranteed the separation of duties between admins.  In hybrid and multi-cloud environments enforcing the separation of duties and least privileged access becomes exponentially more difficult as the lines between IT roles become blurred.

Insight, Access Control, and Continuous Monitoring

The HyTrust Cloud Security Policy Framework offers a rich set of customized and granular role and object based access controls as well as secondary approval workflows for both vSphere and NSX environments. The HyTrust solution significantly improves an organizations overall security posture and compliance status by providing a comprehensive approach to managing privileged users:

  • Discover which privileged users have access to what virtual resources
  • Control what actions can or cannot be performed by privileged users
  • Track and log all privileged users approved and denied actions
  • Report on the state of security posture to management and auditors

Learn more about how HyTrust can help your organization:

  • Reduce risk by enforcing the right set of access controls to keep privileged users in their “swim lanes”
  • Meet stringent governance and compliance requirements by enabling the principal of least privilege access
  • Prevent disruptive actions caused by error or intentional malevolent behavior with secondary approval workflow escalations
  • Produce detailed audit quality activity logs for compliance, security forensics and availability troubleshooting
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