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White Papers

NIST 800-53 and HyTrust

In this paper we will explore background topics around FISMA, NIST and NIST Special Publication 800-53. We will then examine specific security controls called out by 800-53 and we will map how those controls are addressed by HyTrust.

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Closing the Virtualization Gap

Detaching workloads from their physical hosts and managing them through a virtualization layer often causes operational disruptions while simultaneously introducing security and compliance risk.

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HyTrust and Intel TXT – Trusted Execution Technology

The Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Develops a Secure Cloud Infrastructure.

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How Cloud Service Providers can use Data Security to win Customers

Typically, the terms “security” and “ROI” do not appear in the same sentence. Increasingly, however, they are becoming imperatives in the business plans of Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) as data security has become a significant way that CSPs can win new customers.

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