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Solution Briefs

HyTrust BoundaryControl Solution Brief

HyTrust, through its technology collaboration with Intel, has introduced new capabilities to secure the most important elements in virtualized datacenters and the cloud—applications and data—against the loss of control in cloud environments. HyTrust BoundaryControl mitigates the risks that virtualization and the cloud creates, simplifying regulatory compliance, preventing data theft or misuse, and ensuring the availability of enterprise applications and data.

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The Road to a Secure, Compliant Cloud

Technology innovation can change not only how enterprises are run, but the way people work. Business is now relying on IT as a collaborative partner in the transformation process. Build a trusted infrastructure with a solution stack from Intel, IBM and HyTrust

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Enhancing VDI with HyTrust DataControl

HyTrust can help organizations harden their VDI deployments with centrally managed virtualized encryption and key management. With powerful automation and scripting capabilities, HyTrust makes key rotation and other formerly time consuming tasks fast and easy.

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Virtualize Active Directory Infrastructure to Unleash Savings

There are obvious benefits to virtualization, but some of the last remaining unvirtualized servers have thus far resisted efforts in that direction. However, with recent product advancements, HyTrust has removed some of the final barriers to adoption. DataControl customers are now in a position to not only strengthen their security and compliance postures but also are well poised for significant immediate CAPEX as well as ongoing OPEX savings.

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Preventing Insider Threats with HyTrust’s Two-Person Rule

The exposure of extremely confidential national security information by a rogue NSA systems administrator highlighted the catastrophic consequences of inadequate monitoring and access controls. Enterprises that virtualize mission critical applications and data without addressing this issue leave themselves open to similarly devastating outcomes.

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CJIS Compliance with HyTrust, VMware, and Intel

The Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) Compliance Specification v5.3 prescribes “Access Controls”, “Configuration Management”, and “Systems Protection and Data Integrity” as critical control objectives. This document summarizes how HyTrust software can simplify CJIS compliance, by automating VM encryption and administrative controls in a virtualized datacenter running VMware vSphere on Intel processors.

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HyTrust Security for VMware NSX

Save time on compliance and audit reporting and speed time to resolution for trouble shooting with advanced reporting on NSX admin access and changes.

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Achieving Operational Assurance in Your Private Cloud

Private cloud promises agility and cost efficiencies, but even small errors or misconfiguration can result in costly downtime. Learn how HyTrust can automate operational assurance, reducing downtime, preventing large scale errors, enable faster remediation, and free up IT headcount by simplifying compliance.

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Can You Be HIPAA/HITECH Compliant in the Cloud?

As more organizations virtualize their clinical and ePHI applications, their virtual servers must now be brought into compliance with HIPAA/HITECH. The native capabilities in virtualization platforms such as VMware vSphere are not sufficient to meet all HIPAA/HITECH control requirements. 

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