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HyTrust Cloud Survey Finds Enterprises Are Rapidly Embracing Multi-Cloud Strategies, Many Still Slacking On Data Encryption and Security

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA. Sept. 21, 2016 – Today, HyTrust Inc., a leading workload security provider, announced findings from its latest cloud survey conducted at VMworld 2016, in Las Vegas. The survey of over 400 respondents assesses the current use of public cloud vendors, the industry shift to utilizing a multi-cloud model, and how enterprises are protecting data in these cloud environments.

28pct Don't Use Encryption in Public Cloud
28% don’t use encryption in public cloud

The results, which highlight enterprise preferences for key public cloud providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, and VMware’s vCloud Air, also found that more than a quarter of organizations deploying data, applications, and workloads to public cloud ecosystems are not using any form of encryption, leaving sensitive data vulnerable to breaches. As we see more and more enterprises move critical data to multiple clouds, the lack of data security and encryption is not only counter to security being named the leading concern, but it may become even more of an issue with broader negative consequences.

The Move to Multi-Cloud Environments

The momentum that multi-cloud adoption has seen over the past year is showing no signs of slowing down and as illustrated in the survey findings, a majority of respondents are planning to move to a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environment.

Key findings include:

  • Approximately 60% of organizations plan to move to a multi-cloud model
  • 64% of respondents indicated that their pursuit of a hybrid cloud strategy will be multi-cloud and multi-vendor
  • Nearly 26% of organizations are using AWS and 21% Microsoft Azure
  • 30% of those organizations using two or more clouds prefer the AWS and Azure combination
  • Approximately 37% of organizations are deploying data, applications and workloads into three or more public clouds– AWS, Azure and vCloud Air being the leading trifecta of choice

“The way we work is changing and in today’s fast-paced digital business environment, organizations need solutions that offer them the scale and security they need to operate efficiently while providing excellent service to their customers,” said Eric Chiu, president and founder, HyTrust. “With a multi-cloud infrastructure, enterprises can achieve this scale, but choosing the correct partners for deployment and implementing a data security and encryption strategy is mission critical.”

Securing the Cloud

The findings illustrate that many organizations are unsure of how to manage cloud security. Among the survey respondents, cloud security was the leading factor impeding moving their data to the cloud. Despite security concerns, over a quarter of responding organizations (28%) that are using a public cloud are doing nothing to encrypt the data being stored, leaving them open to breaches or hacks of sensitive organizational data.

Key findings include:

  • 47% of respondents said security was the main concern behind avoiding cloud deployment
  • 44%are encrypting data using the cloud provider solution, 28% are deploying a separate data encryption solution
  • 54% stated that their old approaches to security would not work for future cloud deployments
  • 28% are doing nothing to encrypt data being stored in a public cloud

The makeup of respondents for this survey includes representatives from key industries including Government/Military, Financial, Healthcare/Biotech, Insurance, Manufacturing, Transportation/Shipping, and Technology.

For more information, please visit www.hytrust.com and the Cloud Adoption Survey page.

About HyTrust

HyTrust’s mission is to make private, public and hybrid cloud infrastructure more trustworthy for enterprises, service providers and government agencies. HyTrust provides solutions that automate security controls for software-defined computing, networking and storage workloads to achieve the highest levels of visibility, granular policy control and data protection. HyTrust customers benefit from being able to accelerate cloud and virtualization cost savings while improving their security posture by automating and enforcing security policies in real time, adapting quickly to compliance requirements, and preventing unplanned outages.

Headquartered in Mountain View, CA, HyTrust is backed by the leading providers of strategic IT infrastructure including VMware, Cisco, Intel and Fortinet; by the vanguard of innovative solutions for the intelligence community, In-Q-Tel; and by a world class group of financial investors including AIT Ventures, Granite Ventures, Trident Capital and Vanedge Capital. HyTrust was recently named one of CRN’s “20 Coolest Cloud Security Vendors”, a recipient of VMworld’s 2015 Gold Award for Security/Compliance and Virtualization, and the Most Innovative Cloud Company at Intel Security Focus 2015.

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