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CloudAdvisor: Data Discovery & Classification

Are You Data Aware?

Lets face it: We live in a data-driven world. Your data is your most valuable corporate asset. Yet, four out of five organizations don’t know where their sensitive data is located or how to secure it.

It should be no surprise that without a comprehensive understanding of your data it’s impossible to completely secure it against cyberhacking, insider threats, general misuse, obscurity, or a wide variety of other risks.

By taking a proactive approach to understanding your data and data management policies, you stand a far better chance of preventing the next data breach and passing your next audit.

Does your IT organization know…

  • Where your sensitive data is located?
  • Who is accessing or modifying it?
  • What files are being changed?
  • When your data activity is happening?
  • Why your sensitive data is exposed?

HyTrust CloudAdvisor

HyTrust CloudAdvisor enables you to define policies to automatically discover the data that’s valuable to you, detect anomalous user access behaviors, and defend your organization against careless exposure, data loss, malicious users, and regulatory noncompliance.

  • Search, Visualize, and Discover Your Data, Quickly and Easily: CloudAdvisor allows you to find the data you need, when you need it. With keyword search, data visualizations, and click-and-drill explorations, you can easily navigate and analyze content and user activity to support data management, security, and compliance workflows. Search and filter by keyword, tags, file characteristics, access timeframes, owners, and users to define and refine data subsets of interests.
  • View People, Content, and Activities Over Time: CloudAdvisor is designed to provide compete visibility into data stored within each virtual machine and associate this information with whoever is interacting with it and when. Content across more than 600 file types are keyword-indexed and pattern-matched against pre-customer-defined content tags.
  • Proactively Monitor and Protect Your Most Sensitive Data: CloudAdvisor automatically identifies, monitors, and alerts you about sensitive and confidential files found within your virtual machines. A robust set of rules helps protect sensitive data and provides the ability to build custom rules specific to your data. For compliance and forensic analysis, audit-quality logs are maintained for all files and users.
  • Recover from Malicious or Unintentional Disruptive Activities: CloudAdvisor provides built-in, behavior-based analytics that track and analyze user access and notify you of potentially suspicious and anomalous activities.
  • Extend Visibility for Management of Veeam Backup Repositories: Most backup and archive solutions are built with limited functionality to replicate and restore files stored across virtual workloads with minimal data loss. Few solutions have native search and indexing capabilities that combine factors like file content, metadata, or are version aware. In addition, many backup solutions offer few capabilities to search entire archives and datasets, allowing for the recovery of specific files and file content should a targeted, surgical restoration be required. CloudAdvisor is a robust solution that offers the necessary insight to properly manage and secure your backups.
  • Deny Attackers Access to Archived Data: Unsecured backup datasets and repositories provide malicious attackers with an additional, oft-forgotten avenue of corporate data compromise. With fewer security controls, attackers can easily access these archives to recover seemingly benign files that still contain highly sensitive and valuable data. To eliminate this avenue of attack, organizations can implement HyTrust CloudAdvisor to bridge the security and functionality gaps associated with Veeam backup repositories, minimizing the significant risk of repository data compromise.

Understanding your data is your key to protecting your data!

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