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HyTrust CloudAdvisor for Availability

Extending Visibility and Manageability of Veeam Backup Repositories

The customer credit card data, employee social security numbers, and company intellectual property (IP) files that reside within your live production IT environment can quickly proliferate across multiple workloads, user accounts, and uncontrolled collaboration shares. That uncontrolled, unstructured data is then archived and stored in backup repositories – until that data is needed to recover from an IT incident or security breach.

Backup and archive solutions are built with limited functionality to replicate and restore files stored across virtual workloads with the minimum loss of data. Very few solutions have native search and indexing capabilities that combine other factors such as file content, metadata, or are version aware. In addition, many backup solutions offer few capabilities to search entire archives and datasets, allowing for the recovery of specific files and file content should a targeted, surgical restoration be required.

Denying Attackers Access to Archived Data

More importantly, unsecured backup datasets and repositories provide malicious attackers with an additional, oft-forgotten avenue of corporate data compromise. With fewer security controls, attackers can easily access these archives to recover seemingly benign files that still contain highly sensitive and valuable data. To eliminate this avenue of attack, organizations can implement HyTrust CloudAdvisor for Availability to bridge the security and functionality gaps associated with Veeam backup repositories,  minimizing the significant risk of repository data compromise.

Does your IT organization know…

  • How to quickly recover high-value files based on file tags, content, and security classification?
  • Whether archived files in uncontrolled workloads contain credit card information, social security numbers, or other PII data?
  • If their backup solution automatically discovers and classifies sensitive data based on policy?
  • If backup and system administrators can quickly visualize and search their Veeam repositories to accelerate the restoration, management, and security of mission critical data?

System and Backup Administrators can proactively monitor, identify and report on archival data security concerns using pre-defined and customer-defined data classification tags across each backup – as it is created. Quickly deployed and easily managed, HyTrust CloudAdvisor for Availability extends the backup capabilities delivered by Veeam, providing Administrators with:

  • Graphical visualization of backup data repositories
  • Enhanced file recovery and restoration capabilities
  • Granular, federated search capabilities
  • Sensitive data detection and classification
  • File demographics, analytics, and content management

Organizations can further ensure that their backups adhere to both company and regulatory compliance requirements regarding sensitive data storage prior to submission into a cloud storage repository.

Understanding your data is your key to protecting your data!

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