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Ensure Data Security and Privacy

The Challenge

It has often been said that you can’t secure what you don’t know, and one of the most common objections of data security tools is that many organizations have limited knowledge of the types of data they have, how sensitive it might be, or where it is even located. Unfortunately, without that level of data awareness and management- it is very challenging for organizations to prevent the next data breach or pass the next regulatory audit.

Faster Time to Compliance with Encryption and Key Management

A related issue to sensitive data is data sovereignty, which has been a hot topic of late, in light of new regulations in many countries – one of the most sweeping of such laws is the EU’s GDPR, which goes into effect in May of 2018 and affects any organization collecting any personal data on any resident within the 28-nation European Union.

Moreover, when considering GDPR or any other privacy mandate that highlights data sovereignty, encryption takes on greater significance as a primary security control.

Encryption is a clear step in the right direction and is becoming a standard best practice.  In fact, organizations are setting themselves up for major liability if they ignore encryption.  Also critical to any discussion of encryption is the question of key control.  Key ownership is central to the effectiveness of any encryption solution and maintaining exclusive ownership of encryption keys is the only way to guarantee that sensitive data cannot be deliberately or accidentally exposed.



Protecting the Data Lifecycle from Creation to Decommission

HyTrust Cloud Security Policy Framework looks holistically at the data lifecycle and provides capabilities that address each phase of that lifecycle from helping our customers understand where their sensitive data is located, who is accessing the data and when — to encrypting data-at-rest across any cloud platform and allowing organizations to own and manage their own encryption keys on premises with no impact to performance or business operations.

With our flexible logical boundary enforcement capabilities, we also enable organizations to allow sensitive workloads and the data inside those workloads to only run and be decrypted on trusted hardware in specific locations.  Leveraging these capabilities will make organizations much better prepared to respond to the changing global data regulatory landscape and lower the risk of a data breach.



Learn more about how HyTrust can help your organization:

  • Discover and classify workload data with tags to enable security policy enforcement
  • Manage data security lifecycle from discovery to encryption to key decommission across any cloud platform
  • Simplify key management and rekey process with high availability and zero downtime

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