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Cloud Security Policy Framework

Cloud Security Policy Framework

Our mission is to make cloud infrastructure more trustworthy for organizations pursuing a multi-cloud approach by delivering a critical set of capabilities required to proactively secure workloads, wherever they reside in the cloud.

The HyTrust Cloud Security Policy Framework (CloudSPF) allows organizations to automate the creation, application and enforcement of security policies for private and public cloud workloads, focused on the key attributes of the workload – People, Data and Infrastructure.

The Cloud Security Policy Framework (CloudSPF) is supported by a portfolio of HyTrust Workload Security solutions that address a wide range of security and compliance challenges from insider threats and data breaches to an ever-expanding security regulatory landscape.

Secure Data and Ensure Data Privacy

Discover and classify workload data with tags to enable security policy enforcement

Manage data security lifecycle from discovery to encryption to key decommission across any cloud platform

Simplify key management and rekey process with high availability and zero downtime

Prevent Privileged Admin Abuse

Implement "least privilege access" and "separation of duties" to reduce risk

Enforce secondary approval escalation workflows for critical operations to prevent admin mistakes

Monitor admin privileges and scope to help determine risk profile and adjust permissions

Automate Compliance Tasks

Consistently enforce security controls to meet compliance mandates

Automate configuration hardening and continuously monitor infrastructure

Collect audit data from disparate sources for quick compliance reporting requirements

Secure Multi-Tenant Environments

Prevent unauthorized communications between workloads that require trusted segmentation

Prevent workload access by unauthorized admins

Monitor and log all approved and denied actions per admin tenant for faster incident response

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