HyTrust CloudControl - Foundation Edition (vSphere, Kubernetes, AWS)

HyTrust CloudControl – Foundation Edition
(vSphere, Kubernetes, AWS)

The Challenge

In the age of heightened security risks, organizations are doing away with periodic security audits in favor of continuous compliance tracking and enforcement. The tools that worked well for security and compliance in the legacy data center fail in public cloud environments that demand agility and efficiency.

Moving workloads to public cloud infrastructure like Amazon Web Services (AWS) carries with it changes in security controls, loss of visibility, and the dynamic movement of data all of which makes audit and compliance a huge burden on IT organizations today. It is no surprise that as organizations move critical workloads to the public cloud, compliance and governance remain a leading concern.

Cloud Native Solutions Only Address Half of the Problem

Avoiding compliance requirements can expose sensitive data to serious risks, disrupt services, and even lead to financial loss. There is no doubt achieving and maintaining compliance across different cloud platforms is a complex process, at best. Determining which mandates are critical, which requirements overlap, and how to enforce and maintain compliance across a multi-cloud environment is a constant struggle.

A big misconception is that the new cloud-native security and compliance tools flooding the market today resolve many of these new compliance challenges. The problem is that they fall short by not addressing the private cloud piece of the equation which leaves organizations back to square one – relying on costly, time-consuming, and error-prone manual processes, which simply can’t keep up with the constantly changing threat landscape and ever-evolving regulatory environment.

Mitigating Multi-Cloud Risk with Continuous Compliance

HyTrust CloudControl Foundation Edition offers one of the most complete solutions available today for multi-cloud deployments to meet a broad range of government and industry compliance mandates including CIS Benchmark, PCI-DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, NIST-800 Series and others across both private and public cloud environments.

CloudControl Foundation Capabilities:

Help you understand where your workloads are located with a centralized view of workload inventory across private cloud (vCenter, ESXi, VMs, and Datastores) and public cloud (EC2 and S3)

Allow you to segment your workloads into different security and compliance zones (e.g. regulated vs. non-regulated) with a patented tagging mechanism

Save you time with comprehensive audit-quality logs and reports of all administrative access (“who”, did “what” and “when”) to meet regulatory requirements

Improves your security posture and eases the operational burden with automated continuous configuration hardening

HyTrust Does the Heavy Lifting to Always Keep You Up to Date on Compliance Mandates

HyTrust has a dedicated team of compliance experts who devote their time to reviewing and analyzing new and existing government and industry regulations for mandatory controls and configuration settings. Once these controls and configuration settings are identified, they are packaged into templates for automated use and can be used to automate the assessment, remediation, and continuous monitoring of the organization’s cloud security posture.

HyTrust CloudControl Foundation Edition delivers numerous “out of the box” compliance templates (e.g. PCI-DSS, DISA-STIG, HIPAA, GDPR) but also offers custom templates for those organizations that prefer to tailor their templates to align more closely with their unique security and operational requirements.

The HyTrust Continuous Configuration Hardening Lifecycle

HyTrust follows an automated four-phase lifecycle approach to achieve and maintain compliance.

Phase 1: Define Standard

Defines the workload configuration standards for different cloud environments and translates them to standard

Phase 2: Assess Environment

Evaluates the state of the cloud environment by running standard and customized templates against the environment and reports compliance or non-compliance to the defined standard

Phase 3: Remediate Environment

Enables HyTrust to perform remediation operations to bring the cloud environment back into compliance

Phase 4: Refine Standard

Allows organizations to review past compliance reports, modify security controls and update templates to reflect changes in the organization's security posture

Learn more about how HyTrust CloudControl Foundation Edition can help your organization:

Consistently enforce security controls in your AWS and vSphere environment and meet stringent compliance mandates

Protect and prevent the accidental exposure or tampering of AWS S3 buckets

Automate configuration hardening and continuously monitor infrastructure to increase ROI and reduce the costs associated with maintaining regulatory compliance

Collect audit data from disparate sources for faster compliance reporting using user-friendly dashboards instead of hand built scripts

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