2016 HyTrust Cloud Adoption Survey

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Cloud Adoption SurveyWhy a Cloud Adoption Survey? For almost every organization cloud is a component of their IT strategy, yet many are wrestling with how fast and how far to go. These organizations and their IT departments are faced with many challenges and demands as they adopt and deploy cloud technologies. While business leaders find the speed and agility of the cloud to be irresistible, IT is faced with the challenge of dealing with the many implementation details required to make this cloud vision a reality.

In order to get a better understanding of organizations’ current cloud initiatives and where they are headed with their cloud ambitions, HyTrust surveyed over 400 attendees at VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas. This provided an excellent opportunity to survey IT leaders across a variety of industries and gain insights into their cloud provider choices, top challenges and intentions for the future.

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  • Security is the number one concern for organizations moving the cloud.

  • 28% of organization surveyed are NOT running any kind of encryption in the cloud.

  • The majority of organizations surveyed believe that current approaches to security will NOT work with the cloud.