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The End of Open Source Encryption?

It’s been quite a year for news, and unsubstantiated rumors about military grade encryption systems being broken and decipherable by nation states. Last year we heard false claims from the Snowden affair about AES being broken. Just yesterday, we have one of the most bizarre announcements in the history of Open Source. The following text […]

What Consumers Should Do in the Wake of the eBay Breach

In yet another high profile data breach, eBay announced the breach of account information for over 100 million users. While eBay does not believe the hackers accessed financial data, it is critical that eBay users change their passwords immediately. The breach is now being investigated by the Attorney General in three states, along with European […]

VMware Speaker Sessions Now Open for Voting

Public voting for VMworld submissions has started! HyTrust, our partners, and our customers have put together a number of compelling sessions on topics including: secure datacenter consolidation, building a FedAMP compliant cloud, insider threats, and the role of policy in SND. You can find our sessions below. Vote Now: http://www.vmworld.com/voting.jspa 2385 McKesson OneCloud — the […]

What you need to know about cloud security

The cloud, with its basis in virtualization technology, dramatically changes the nature of I.T. services and application delivery. Server virtualization, for example, which is the foundation of both private and public clouds, introduces a level of flexibility, agility and cost savings that are extremely compelling. However, virtualization also introduces new and significant concerns that are […]

HyTrust products are not impacted by SSL Heartbleed

The OpenSSL project has recently announced a security vulnerability in the OpenSSL package known as “SSL Heartbleed,” affecting versions 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 (CVE-2014-0160). This is a flaw in the open-source OpenSSL cryptographic software library that could allow attackers to access the memory of servers using vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL library. If successfully exploited, this […]

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy: The Other IT Security Nightmare

It’s often said (with some justification) that financial services and healthcare are the two most regulated industries around. Sure, the folks in energy, retail and a host of other sectors might they say they have plenty of compliance issues to deal with, and of course they’re right. But as human beings we tend to worry […]

Intel SGX Holds a lot of Promise for Secure Cloud Computing

If you’re like me, you may have missed an announcement from Intel for what could be a key piece to solving data security issues in the cloud. Last September Intel announced SGX (Software Guard Extensions) which will be available in processors in the near future. As the article says “At its root, Intel SGX is […]

Yahoo! Mail breach: What every user needs to know

Yahoo! recently disclosed that attackers stole a list of usernames and passwords from a third party. It hasn’t disclosed how many users were affected, but the company reset passwords and added two-factor authentication for victims. This breach underscores the vulnerabilities that organizations face not only in their own environments but also third parties they work […]

The Open-SSL Breach: A cloud security lesson

On December 29th, the homepage of the OpenSSL website was defaced, leading to speculation about the root cause of the attack. While initial investigation pointed to a possible compromise at the hypervisor, it turns out that this was not the problem. As stated by the OpenSSL organization: “The OpenSSL server is a virtual server which […]

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