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HyTrust CloudControl for VMware NSX

We are exceptionally proud to announce that we have added support for VMware NSX. Just as VMware brought the power of virtualization to the network with NSX, we have brought the same sort of visibility, compliance and control that we have always supplied for vSphere, but now it is available for NSX as well.

To be clear, VMware has changed the world of IT with virtualization, allowing organizations unmatched agility and efficiency on the server side. Back in the bad old days, it used to be pretty much one application, one (or more) boxes – an approach which quickly proved costly in terms of not only hardware but also real estate and power consumption – all for racks and racks of machines largely doing little more than idling and acting as expensive space heaters.

With virtualization, things are different. You have a pool of hardware and as needed spin up VMs to house the various applications you need. Need a new VM? Couple clicks of a mouse and you are there. Far faster than order a new server, weeks later fetching it from shipping, racking it, installing OS and management software and then deploying the application. As it turns out, the concentration of power as seen in the hypervisor creates some situations that in the past were not an issue. Of them, one is the fact that whoever has the keys to the hypervisor has the ability to take down or even flush any system resident upon that hypervisor. This is in contrast to the situation where systems were managed one by one and in many organizations created a desire to be able to better manage and control the considerable power of the virtual admin who was now in a position where either through accident or malice a few mouse clicks could have exceptionally disruptive consequences. HyTrust helped bring greater control to the virtualized host environment, allowing Two Factor Authentication, administrative controls like The Two Person Rule for potentially disruptive operations and fine grained control over administrative rights allowing for better compliance via least privilege not to mention other things like forensic grade logging.

Now that the SDDC is increasingly powered by NSX, the silos that for good or bad have come to be a fundamental part of the IT organization in most shops are at risk of tumbling down. In the past, there was much segregation by technology in IT – Windows on one side, Unix/Linux on the other, network on one side, servers and storage on the other. With the unification of more or less the entire data center under NSX, IT is now faced with potentially disruptive technology where it is now relatively easy for network guys to spawn servers and for server guys to build their own networks – things that may be considerably easier to do than they are to do correctly, not to mention securely.

This is where HyTrust comes in. We bring the ability to assign fine grained administrative rights in vSphere, be it for ESXi or NSX. Should they desire, IT organizations can continue to keep the server guys in their silo and the network guys in theirs. To make things even better, the HyTrust platform even allows management of virtualized encryption, including encryption that can travel with the VM as it is moved from private clouds on ESXi to public clouds like vCloud Air.

Anyway, we are proud to be at VMworld showing off our latest enhancements to some already strong product offerings. We will be in Booth 422 and invite you to drop by and see some demos and whiteboard it out with some of our technical experts.

You won’t want to miss the exciting speaking sessions we are participating in including:


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