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Four Data Crimes You Don’t Need to Commit

Picture a crime scene after a break-in. The images in your mind might include broken windows, shattered glass and signs of a struggle. Does that vision change if you learn the break-in took place virtually, affecting the contents of a data center – instead of a home? When a data breach occurs, there’s no physical […]

Moving to the Cloud? Don’t Forget to Protect Your Data

We often hear about the need to ensure the security of networks and endpoints. And certainly, it’s extremely important for businesses to keep hackers and other bad actors from breaking into end-user devices and enterprise networks to wreak havoc on organizations and their customers. Cloud security is paramount. But the data that’s contained in the […]

vTPM Support in vSphere 6.7

In April, VMware introduced support for vTPM for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 in vSphere 6.7. This follows on from Microsoft adding vTPM support in Hyper-V in Windows Server 2016. Why add vTPM support? The main driver is to allow customers to use BitLocker for encryption. BitLocker relies on a TPM for storing its […]

The Decision Chain

When a teenager wants to drive. As a parent of a teen, this is not a hypothetical question to me but one that is here and now. And the decision of whether or not to let her drive are based on some strict decision criteria. What are they? 1. What group does she belong to? […]

The password is dead! Long live the password!

Donald E. Malloy from LSExperts gave a fascinating talk at ICMC 2016 about passwords and technology that exists and is being developed to replace them. This blog covers some of the topics he covered together with my own analysis. As time goes by we continue to hear about major data breaches and end customers are […]

Multi-factor & Other Changes in PCI-DSS 3.2

Once again PCI-DSS is being rev’ed, this time to PCI-DSS 3.2. PCI-DSS 3.1 will retire in October, 2016. The good news is that PCI is mature and the basics have not changed. The fundamental ideas are to build and maintain secure network and systems, protect cardholder data, maintain a vulnerability management program, implement strong access […]

The Future of Defense Innovation

The world of defense has certainly changed over the past 40 years. We have shifted paradigms – it used to be all about fielding as many pieces of armor as possible in preparation for a nuclear Ragnarok on the plains of Europe. With efforts directed at taking and holding the highest ground, space, Reagan’s SDI […]

Cloud Security Myths with David Spark of CIO.com

“The biggest myth, which refuses to die, is that your data is not safe in the cloud,” argued Orlando Scott-Cowley (@orlando_sc), cyber-security specialist, Mimecast. “We’re still dealing with the legions of server huggers who claim their data is safer on their own networks, where they can feel the cold embrace of the tin of their servers […]

Encryption – What if it was about more than just money?

Sure, money is pretty important to many of us, but there are at least some things that to at least some people that are at least sometimes more important. Things like family, life, freedom and the like. One of the latest infosec scandals, the Panama Papers, 11.5 million documents, 2.6 terabytes of data, are a […]

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