Workload Security for Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Multi-Cloud Security Policy Enforcement

The boundary of the data center continues to be redefined as organizations accelerate their adoption of new cloud technologies that enable and drive great improvements in agility, cost reduction, and scale.

As the data center evolves and moves outside of its traditional four walls, organizations must now also consider the migratory nature of their workloads. In this shift to a more software-defined and cloud-enabled data center, workloads can now span infrastructure across various environments – from virtual to private to hybrid and even multiple public cloud deployments.

Unfortunately, many organizations are finding it challenging to proactively secure their workloads because existing data center solutions lack the capabilities required to automate the enforcement of proper security policies on workloads across multi-cloud data center environments. That’s where HyTrust comes in.

HyTrust helps organizations build and maintain trustworthy infrastructure with its workload security solution portfolio that focuses on the workload and the infrastructure on which it runs on.

HyTrust enables security policy enforcement for workloads across multiple cloud platforms, providing:

HyTrust has partnered with the leading data center infrastructure providers including VMware, Intel, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, EMC, Nutanix, Pivot3, Simplivity and others to provide automated compliance and policy enforcement for workloads across private, public and hybrid cloud platforms.


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