Privileged Identity Management

Protect the Keys to the Kingdom​​

The Hypervisor Administrator has almost unmatched power

You need to secure those accounts
The rise of virtualization and the cloud brought unmatched opportunities for IT to get more out of compute, storage and now networking – saving untold billions of dollars. This savings came from being able to put many, if not most, of a company’s workloads on virtual systems managed by a hypervisor. While the speed an agility created by this situation are a very good thing indeed, there remains a challenge.

What if the hypervisor admin makes a mistake? What if the hypervisor admin account is compromised? The potential impact is huge – imagine most of the systems at a company being down or potentially worse, open to exfiltration of data.

With HyTrust CloudControl you have visibility into all administrative activity and can prevent destructive actions, intentional or otherwise. You have the ability to assign fine grained rights via customizable roles, allowing least privilege, segregation of duties and the two man rule for high impact actions.

With a variety of authentication options, including TACACS+, RADIUS and 2FA, CloudControl helps ensure that the right administrative authority is kept in the right hands. CloudControl also supports audit and forensics quality logging.​