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NSX Security

Security, Compliance and Control for VMware NSX​​

NSX Security – now that it’s virtualized, lock it down​​

Just as virtualization has changed the face of compute, it is now doing the same thing for the software defined data center with network virtualization and products like VMware NSX, creating a need for enhanced NSX security. Indeed, with substantial benefits in data center automation such as faster provisioning, streamlined changes and even the provisioning of tenant environments in multitenant networks NSX brings powerful capabilities to the table.

Because of those powerful capabilities, it is even more important than ever to ensure that the right security, policy and access controls are in place. HyTrust can help protect and secure your NSX environment while helping to ensure compliance.

Strong Authentication

HyTrust CloudControl Security for NSX supports two factor authentication with tokens, smart cards and AAA servers. We also work with TACACS+, RADIUS and Active Directory, ensuring smooth integration with your existing environment.

Powerful Logging and Reporting

CloudControl Security for NSX also provides forensics grade logging and reporting of approved and denied actions as well as changes made to VMs, further aiding compliance and helping with audits and troubleshooting.

Granular Access Control

With exploits involving admin, root and other highly privileged accounts on the rise, you can help contain risk with the highly granular access controls available with HyTrust. Role-based and asset-based controls, separation of duties including separation of network and infrastructure access rights are all ways that we help enhance NSX security.

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