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HCI Security – Vblock Ready

Virtual Security for HCI


HyTrust is Vblock Ready

We help secure Vblock Systems, enabling companies to adopt private clouds more quickly and to securely virtualize all workloads. We provide controls to mitigate risk and the potential for catastrophic failure in virtualized environments, enhancing VCE security in a number of ways.

The power of virtualization makes the hypervisor a tempting target for hackers and inside threats as well. Collapsing the functionality of multiple separate physical systems into a single software platform gives privileged users very broad access, consolidating system administration duties that were previously separated. This of course increases risk, both for breaches as well as administrative error.

HyTrust CloudControl functions as a security gateway for Vblock Systems administrative traffic,  permitting or denying administrative requests according to the organization’s defined security policies.

Key benefits:

Enables secure virtualization of all workloads, including critical applications
Enables secure multi-tenancy and deeper adoption of private clouds
Provides constant visibility and establishes privileged user accountability
Assures internal and external auditors that virtualization and cloud administration risks are mitigated
Hardens administrator accounts against compromise

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