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Private Cloud Controls

Securing the Private Cloud

You built your cloud, now secure it with Private Cloud Controls

The rapid and comprehensive adoption of virtualization in the enterprise data center can yield huge financial and agility benefits but has also resulted in new kinds of risk. As we’ve seen repeatedly in recent breaches, a single compromised hypervisor account is all that’s needed to steal vast amounts of sensitive data, or take down thousands of production virtual servers, bringing company operations to a halt.

Virtualization also creates a compliance challenge. Under most regulatory or audit frameworks, the infrastructure that hosts in-scope data will itself be in-scope, which means that a full set of compliance controls will apply to the virtualization plane in the data center stack. As just one example, in PCI DSS the hypervisor and virtual network are always in-scope.

Fortunately, it is possible to enhance the security posture of platforms such as NSXvCenter, and vSphere without impacting existing workflows or changing the familiar interfaces your virtualization teams already know and use.

HyTrust CloudControl is the most complete solution available for compliance and risk mitigation for virtualization administration. CloudControl supports an industry leading feature set that spans five key functional areas:

Strong Authentication
Role-Based Authorization & Access Control
Forensic-quality Auditing
Configuration Hardening


In addition, we also offer strong encryption in the form of our DataControl, our strong encryption product that deploys into the VM of virtually any private, public or hybrid cloud. As a virtual, highly available appliance, CloudControl has no impact on management process, application availability or performance.

  • Strong FIPS-Approved Encryption
  • Cloud Optimized
  • Scalable
  • Transparent

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