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IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization

Security & Compliance Automation on IBM Cloud with HyTrust

IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization leverages technology from HyTrust and Intel, to address security and compliance issues for sensitive VMware workloads, breaking down barriers to cloud adoption and allowing organizations to more confidently leverage the efficiency, agility and scalability of the cloud.

HyTrust CloudControl with Intel TXT protects server virtualization by creating clear access controls and line-of-sight into the VMware hypervisor. HyTrust DataControl provides workload encryption and key management. HyTrust BoundaryControl allows for workload and data geo-fencing along tenant-defined boundaries, using contextual tagging to enforce data sovereignty, a critical compliance component for the upcoming European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Intel provides a protected launch with their trusted platform leveraging Intel TXT and TPM, with attestation providing critical information at the hardware level to inform which systems are most trustworthy for hosting sensitive workloads. Attestation also allows for verification of platform and workload trust for comparison against policy and use in audit – including geographic boundaries.

Key benefits of IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization enabled by HyTrust include attestation of server platform integrity, privileged user controls, data decryption by location and deployment control by location.

Use cases include data sovereignty needs, such as GDPR compliance, reduction of audit risk, and enhanced compliance readiness through thorough, robust logging.

Increase your security posture while simultaneously embracing compliance automation. Run your sensitive VMware workloads and leverage the cloud’s key benefits without worrying about security and compliance.

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