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Data Sovereignty

​HyTrust BoundaryControl – Data Sovereignty with Intel TXT​

Regain Control of the Cloud​​

INFOGRAPHIC: Top 3 Cloud Security NightmaresThe private and hybrid cloud bring huge advantages in terms of agility and cost. That said, you worry about some of the security aspects of moving to the cloud. The rise of virtualization brought many changes. In the past a host was a heavy piece of metal bolted to a rack in a security controlled server room or data center. A VM on the other hand, nothing more than a set of files, is considerably more portable – easily copied, easily moved with little to prevent an insider or someone with insider-like access from copying those VMs and running them elsewhere.

Additionally, you are also faced with a growing number of location-based requirements coming into play – requirements such as:

  1. Compliance with national/regional data sovereignty regulations
  2. Preventing sensitive applications and data from leaving a secure datacenter
  3. Ensuring that mission-critical applications run on optimal hardware to prevent application downtime or performance issues

Working closely with Intel, HyTrust has developed BoundaryControl for VMs using Intel TXT hardware technology. BoundaryControl allows you to tightly define where your VMs are allowed to run, and where they are not allowed to run. This allows you to meet data sovereignty, data security and hardware specification requirements.​


BoundaryControl: Overview

BoundaryControl, a unique capability of HyTrust enabled...

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BoundaryControl: Geofencing

In the SDDC, workloads move to different physical hosts,...

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BoundaryControl: Insider Threat Protection

The Insider Threat - either intentional theft or vandalism,...

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BoundaryControl: Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance requirements create unique challenges...

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HyTrust BoundaryControl with Intel TXT

The agility of virtualization also brings challenges...

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