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Encryption Key Management

Your Encrypted Data, Your Encryption Key​

Control your destiny with KeyControl Encryption Key Management

There are huge advantages to moving to the public cloud – agility, cost and others. The biggest problem for many is that feeling like they have lost control over their data or even worse, they avoid the cloud altogether because of fears of loss of control.

Encryption is one way of ensuring that only the right people can see your data. Of course, unless you are the one holding the keys to your encryption, it is going to be hard to you to keep someone out if your service provider want (or is compelled) to let them in.

HyTrust KeyControl helps keep you in control with advanced encryption key management. You can manage your keys, rekey online and control with fine granularity what gets encrypted and what doesn’t.

Additionally, HyTrust KeyControl encryption key management helps you maintain compliance, easily and effectively with the ability to automate rekey and other previously time consuming tasks.

In the end, it’s about being in control of your own data and your own destiny and that is where we can help.​

KeyControl encryption key management is part of the DataControl product. Learn more about DataControl.

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