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Multi-Cloud Workload Security.​​

More Virtualization, More Cloud, More Control, Less Risk​​

Virtualization changed the game. With products like VMware vSphere and NSX, organizations built private clouds, virtualizing first hosts and storage and now even their networks. Meanwhile, more and more workloads are moving to the public cloud on platforms like IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS and vCloud Air.

Cloud Compliance

As more and more sensitive data is hosted on virtual and cloud infrastructure, that infrastructure moves “in-scope” for compliance controls. For example, under PCI DSS the hypervisor (vSphere, KVM) is always in scope. Unfortunately the “out of the box” security controls are often insufficient to meet these or other requirements, leaving organizations at risk for audit failure, fines, data breaches and disclosure reporting.

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Private Cloud Controls

The rapid and comprehensive adoption of virtualization in the enterprise data center can yield huge financial and agility benefits, but has also resulted new kinds of risk. As we’ve seen repeatedly in recent breaches, a single compromised hypervisor account is all that’s needed to steal vast amounts of sensitive data, or take down thousands of production virtual servers, bringing company operations to a halt.

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IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization

BM Cloud Secure Virtualization leverages technology from HyTrust and Intel, to address security and compliance issues for sensitive VMware workloads, breaking down barriers to cloud adoption and allowing organizations to more confidently leverage the efficiency, agility and scalability of the cloud.

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Federal agencies, state agencies and the military, like other organizations, have widely adopted virtualization in order to take advantage of not only the increased agility but also the greater efficiency and cost savings that virtualization and the cloud bring to IT.

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Software Defined Data Center

Owning a crystal ball is every IT leader’s dream. But it’s not reality. In the real world, you need to take steps right now to build in tools that provide the most flexible, scalable infrastructure possible. Moving to a software-defined data center (SDDC) can help you control costs and provide unparalleled flexibility.

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Privileged Identity Management

visibility into all administrative activity and can prevent destructive actions, intentional or otherwise. You have the ability to assign fine grained rights via customizable roles, allowing least privilege, segregation of duties and the two man rule for high impact actions.

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Cloud Encryption Solutions

The rise of virtualization and the cloud brought unmatched opportunities for IT to get more out of compute, storage and now networking – saving untold billions of dollars. This savings came from being able to put many, if not most, of a company’s workloads on virtual systems managed by a hypervisor. While the speed an agility created by this situation are a very good thing indeed, there remains a challenge.

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Boundary Controls

The private and hybrid cloud bring huge advantages in terms of agility and cost. That said, you worry about some of the security aspects of moving to the cloud. The rise of virtualization brought many changes. In the past a host was a heavy piece of metal bolted to a rack in a security controlled server room or data center. A VM on the other hand, nothing more than a set of files, is considerably more portable – easily copied, easily moved with little to prevent an insider or someone with insider-like access from copying those VMs and running them elsewhere.

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