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Multi-Cloud Workload Security.​​

More Virtualization, More Cloud, More Control, Less Risk​​

Virtualization changed the game. With products like VMware vSphere and NSX, organizations built private clouds, virtualizing first hosts and storage and now even their networks. Meanwhile, more and more workloads are moving to the public cloud on platforms like IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS and vCloud Air.

IT was quick to recognize the advantages of the cloud, particularly cost and agility, but the coming of the cloud and virtualization is so game changing that even fundamental considerations like policy, security and compliance need to be revisited. Indeed, with so much power and control being concentrated in the hypervisor, with PCI-DSS the hypervisor is always in scope.

HyTrust provides a number of solutions that help organizations move more to the cloud and get further in their virtualization efforts. We can help with Compliance, including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FedRAMP and CJIS. We help with private cloud controls for vSphere/vCenter including two factor authentication (2FA), secondary authorization, segmentation of duties and audit quality logging. We help with configuration hardening as well as cloud encryption and encryption key management for a variety of platforms, both public cloud and private.​



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