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SDDC – Challenges and Opportunities

Software Defined Data Center technology, much like the virtualization it is based on, promises to deliver greater speed and agility to the business while helping contain costs with greater efficiency and better overall utilization of hardware. Gone are the days of a single iron server hosting a single app with low single digit utilization.

sddc_wp_thmHowever, with this greater agility and efficiency come some challenges. One is that with the concentration of administrative authority and power in hyperadmins who by definition have the ability to control the entire environment comes the need to better protect those often targeted users from both outside threats as well as inside threats including disgruntled IT staff or even unintentional error.

Additional challenges come from previously discrete groups now sharing a common virtual environment – for example switch and server teams used to login to very different systems but now may find themselves logging into the same NSX management console.

The SDDC is primed to deliver on three key fronts:

  • Agility
    • Automation is facilitated
    • Scaling up (or down) become much easier
    • Data Center is cloud ready: Public, Private or Hybrid
  • Resilience
    • SDDC is abstracted from lower layers and thus insulated from potential problems
    • Zero Downtime readily achievable
  • Standardization
    • Multi-Site environments maintain consistency, enabling better disaster recovery, geographical scale and ease of management



Infographic: SDDC Part 1

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