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Solution Briefs

IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization Solution Brief

HyTrust provides the policy-based security and compliance controls for this joint solution with Intel, IBM Cloud and VMware

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Discover, Classify, and Protect Mission-Critical Data

You can’t protect what you don’t know. Identify, label and automatically encrypt sensitive data in your virtualized environment with HyTrust CloudAdvisor and HyTrust DataControl.

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HyTrust CloudControl Technical Overview

Today the boundary of the data center continues to be redefined and the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) has clearly emerged as the next evolutionary step in cloud computing. Regardless of size or industry, organizations are adopting the SDDC vision into the roadmap for their next generation data center.

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HyTrust and Veeam

All organizations want to ensure data availability and security at all times. HyTrust, with its data security solutions, and Veeam, with their data availability solutions, work together to provide a seamless, easy to use solution regardless of the chosen virtualization platform.

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HyTrust Cloud Security Policy

The HyTrust Cloud Security Policy Framework (CloudSPF) allows organizations to automate the application, and enforcement of security policies for private and public cloud workloads by focusing on the three critical attributes of the workload-people, data, and infrastructure.

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HyTrust Multi-Cloud Security and Automated Compliance For Microsoft Azure

A multi-cloud strategy is critical to today’s organizations, because it offers speed, scalability, cost savings, and options to mix and match cloud providers. However, it comes with its own unique issues.

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Effective Isolation and Workload Security in the Multi-Tenant Cloud

One of the overwhelming advantages of virtualization technology is the ability to create a virtual data center in minutes rather than months, while minimizing the costs of owning the actual hardware infrastructure itself.

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Strengthening Public Sector Security and Compliance

Public sector systems provide services that support the military, critical infrastructure, emergency response, transport, to civilian state and local government operations, and more. The public sector lives under the constant threat of IT infrastructure attack from malware, bad actors, and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT’s).

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Effective Isolation and Workload Security in the Multi-Tenant Cloud – Public Sector

Extending and securing mission critical environments in the cloud for Public Sector.

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