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Analyst Reports

ESG Lab Validation of HyTrust CloudControl

Eliminate Compliance and Security Gaps in Your VMware Infrastructure with HyTrust CloudControl

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Gartner: Threat Vectors and Security Controls for Hyperconverged Integrated Systems in the Software-Defined Data Center

HCISs need to be protected from attacks against the control plane, data plane and management infrastructure. Blocking most of these threat vectors should be easy enough for HCIS vendors, yet they deliver walled gardens whose predetermined levels of security depend on the targeted market segment.

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Gartner: Critical Capabilities for Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Infrastructure and operations leaders should use the 11 critical capabilities and five use cases described here to assess HCI product features and functions. I&O leaders need to align project portfolios with the use cases, rationalize technology and vendor choices, and standardize across use cases.

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Gartner: Key Management as a Service Exposes Different Risks to Data in Public Clouds

Incompatible encryption and key management services being offered by infrastructure as a service and platform as a service providers are complicating the building of cohesive data protection. When adopting cloud services, security and risk management leaders need to base multiple strategies on risk.

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Gartner: Develop an Enterprisewide Encryption Key Management Strategy or Lose the Data

Most organizations planning data encryption deployments lack both proper data security governance and an encryption key management strategy, which increases the risk of data loss. Security and risk management leaders must develop an enterprisewide encryption key management strategy or lose the data.

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Forrester: TechRadar™: Data Security And Privacy, Q4 2017

As data volumes explode, it's becoming a Herculean task to protect sensitive data from cybercriminals and malicious actors while preventing privacy infringements and abuses — intentional and unintentional. Every day, vendors introduce a new product or service that claims to be the silver bullet for data security and privacy challenges.

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Gartner: Prioritize Enterprisewide Encryption for Critical Datasets

Security and risk management leaders face a rapidly increasing volume and variety of complex data security challenges, both on-premises and in the cloud. Datasets must be prioritized for enterprisewide encryption to mitigate certain security threats and compliance requirements.

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Gartner: Market Guide for Cloud Workload Protection Platforms

Server workloads in hybrid data centers spanning private and public clouds require a protection strategy different from end-user-facing devices. Security and risk management leaders should evaluate and deploy offerings specifically designed for cloud workload protection.

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The Zero Trust eXtended (ZTX) Ecosystem: Extending Zero Trust Security Across Your Digital Business

Security pros are still scrambling for new and effective ways to protect their networks and combat the impacts of hacking and exploitation. With Forrester's Zero Trust Model of information security, you can develop robust prevention, detection, and incident response capabilities to protect your company's vital digital business ecosystem.

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