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IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization Quick Guide

IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization Quick Guide

IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization leverages technologies from HyTrust, IBM, Intel and VMware to create a secure and compliant cloud offering for organizations in even the most highly regulated industries

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HyTrust CloudControl Data Sheet

HyTrust CloudControl provides automated protection and compliance to allow hyper-convergence of virtual workloads on the smallest datacenter footprint all while minimizing time and resources costs associated with security and compliance.

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The Cloud Kill Chain

This infographic illustrates the nature of how attackers breach a company, and why the virtualized data center and private cloud are such rich targets.

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Achieving Operational Assurance in Your Private Cloud

Private cloud promises agility and cost efficiencies, but even small errors or misconfiguration can result in costly downtime. Learn how HyTrust can automate operational assurance, reducing downtime, preventing large scale errors, enable faster remediation, and free up IT headcount by simplifying compliance.

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Can You Be HIPAA/HITECH Compliant in the Cloud?

As more organizations virtualize their clinical and ePHI applications, their virtual servers must now be brought into compliance with HIPAA/HITECH. The native capabilities in virtualization platforms such as VMware vSphere are not sufficient to meet all HIPAA/HITECH control requirements. 

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Two-Factor Authentication for VMware

Administrator accounts typically have very broad privileges within a virtualized data center, making them a prime target for attackers wishing to infiltrate an organization. Two-factor authentication provides a critical layer of defense against these kinds of attacks, but this functionality is not native to VMware. HyTrust CloudControl™ introduces broad support for secondary authentication within VMware environments.

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Solve the Nosy Neighbor Problem in Multi-Tenant Environments

A private cloud with multiple "tenants" – such as business units of an enterprise or customers of a cloud service provider – sharing virtualized computing resources offers a potentially high ROI to all parties. By default, Virtualization admins have powerful privileges that undermine workload isolation, and neither the virtualization platform nor traditional security measures overcome this vulnerability. HyTrust solves these problems by enforcing access control policies for vSphere users and encrypting virtualized resources, effectively segmenting virtual networks and thoroughly isolating each tenant's critical applications and data. Enterprises can now accelerate adoption of private clouds and increase profitability without risking unauthorized user access to any tenant's workloads.

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HyTrust and Intel TXT – Trusted Execution Technology

The Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Develops a Secure Cloud Infrastructure.

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How Cloud Service Providers can use Data Security to win Customers

Typically, the terms “security” and “ROI” do not appear in the same sentence. Increasingly, however, they are becoming imperatives in the business plans of Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) as data security has become a significant way that CSPs can win new customers.

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