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CloudControl​ Virtual and Private Cloud Security

Access Control, Forensic Logging and Policy Enforcement

The Gold Standard for Automated Security and Compliance in VMware Environments

Cloud security solutions help defend and protect the most important asset in the IT inventory – the hypervisor. For most organizations, their virtualization infrastructure is the crown jewel of the shop and the hypervisor the one ring to rule them all. With that it mind, it is more important than ever to pay particular attention to cloud security solutions that help better harden the hypervisor, lock down access and provide better visibility into and control over the environment.

With HyTrust CloudControl you get a variety of security and policy enhancements without impacting the GUI that your vSphere, NSX and ESXi admins already know and use.​ Deployed as a transparent proxy, HyTrust CloudControl mediates the actions taken by hyperadministrators using familiar interfaces. Approved actions are allowed, disapproved actions are blocked and additional approval is enabled.


Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

Control which functions have access to what resources. This allows a much closer alignment of access rights to governance and compliance requirements

Policy Control including Two Man Rule

Define and more importantly enforce policy including requiring secondary approval for potentially disruptive actions, reducing potential impact of human error or intentional malevolent behavior

Access Control including Two Factor Authentication

With APTs focusing increasingly on privileged administrative accounts, approaches like 2FA can significantly enhance the overall security posture of an organization without the traditional weaknesses that even strong password requirements have

Forensic grade logs

Compliance (and good security) often require the ability to not only show who you allowed to do things, but also who was not allowed to do things. Forensic grade logging provides indepth perspective on what has happened as well as what has not happened in your virtual environment

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