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DataControl Capabilities

HyTrust Cloud and VM Encryption

Cloud Agnostic Encryption and Key Management

With recent surveys showing that over 50% of IT managers withhold sensitive data from the cloud, it is clear that there is a need and desire for a solution that allows you to deploy even sensitive data to the cloud. Indeed, a look at many recent breaches reveals that on many cases user account and password data was stored in plaintext with no encryption. Fortunately addressing such shortcomings can be relatively easy with it taking only seconds to install the HyTrust encryption agent and powerful key management capabilities contributing to the overall operational transparency of the solution.

Access Controls

Prevent root users or system administrators from accessing sensitive data by enforcing access controls on encrypted volumes.

Deduplication Support

Enjoy the data security afforded by encryption along with the cost savings offered by the deduplication capabilities of storage platforms, including VMware vSAN

Strong Encryption

DataControl uses FIPS-approved AES-128/256 encryption for data at rest, ensuring secure protection for even the most sensitive data.

Portable and Transparent

DataControl encryption travels with the VM and runs in any virtualized environment, public or private and integrates with DAS, NAS or SAN storage. Does not impact the user experience or how the VM is administered.

Simplified Key Management

Secure, hardened, multi-tenant key management with HyTrust KeyControl.

Online Encryption and Dynamic Re-key

NIST-approved, zero-downtime AES 256-bit encryption protects data at rest


Multiple levels of administration supporting the principle of least privilege including logical separation of duties and secondary approval workflows

Hardware Acceleration

AES-NI hardware acceleration in Intel and AMD chipsets helps ensure transparent operation and best possible performance

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