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CloudControl for Containers

The Challenge

While containers provide a significant gain in productivity, agility and efficiently for DevOps teams they represent a completely new attack surface and unique security and compliance challenges that legacy tools are simply not designed to solve. Although there are a number of container security tools in the market today from a variety of vendors – they exclusively focus on securing the container itself and overlook the underlying infrastructure that the containers run on such as AWS & vSphere.

Protecting the Entire Vertical Technology Stack

HyTrust CloudControl for Containers is the only solution on the market today that focuses not only on securing the Container environment but also on securing the full technology stack from the Kubernetes Orchestrator and Kubernetes node to the virtual machine and the underlying management infrastructure (AWS, vSphere).

Eliminating Costly Operational Overhead

HyTrust CloudControl Container Edition is built on top of the existing CloudControl platform and utilizes the same critical capabilities that are being employed by other workloads such as virtual machines.  Leveraging a common platform allows organizations to avoid buying multiple standalone security solutions to cover their entire cloud infrastructure. With the HyTrust solution, IT organizations can prevent security tool sprawl and the costly operational overhead associated with managing multiple security products.

HyTrust CloudControl for Containers Edition Capabilities

  • Deployment controls assesses the integrity of an image and applies “image centric” deployment policies to determine “who” can deploy “what” and “where”
  • Runtime monitoring that scans containers in a production environment for policy violations.
  • Configuration hardening (based on CIS benchmark) for the entire vertical technology stack from the underlying infrastructure to the Kubernetes Cluster
  • Management dashboards provide an all-in-one view of the organization’s security posture across the vertical stack and management systems

Learn more about how HyTrust can help your organization:

  • Protect your entire vertical technology stack from the underlying cloud infrastructure to the Kubernetes Cluster
  • Detect security vulnerabilities and configuration issues in your Kubernetes container environment to reduce your attack surface and prevent cyber attacks
  • Automate configuration hardening and continuously monitor your Kubernetes container environment to increase ROI and reduce the costs associated with maintaining compliance
  • Consistently enforce security controls in your Kubernetes environment to meet stringent compliance mandates

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