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Simplify Encryption Management with KeyControl​​

Central Management for Encryption and Key Management Policies​​

HyTrust KeyControl can be easily deployed on virtual servers. In tandem with the HyTrust DataControl encryption engine, KeyControl provides automated, centrally managed control over all encryption and key management policies.

KeyControl Capabilities

  • Policy-Based Key Management
    Administrators do not need to be security experts. Key management is easily automated from a web browser or through APIs, and keys are managed through policy settings, making the system easy to use.
  • Multi-Tenant
    KeyControl is fully multi-tenant, and is able to support keys for many customers or departments, supporting separation of duties and shared, secure administration.
  • Granularity
    Encryption keys can be applied per device within a VM, for standard data partitions and for Windows boot and Linux root and swap partitions, as well as objects such as files that can be moved securely between VMs or between the data center and cloud-based storage such as Amazon S3 storage.
  • Online Rekeying
    Administrators can set policies to re-key data in accordance with industry regulations like PCI or with company guidelines. This is especially significant for organizations with lots of data and many encryption keys, and for companies that must meet SLAs for application uptime.
  • High-Availability
    HyTrust KeyControl can be deployed in distributed clusters for failover and high-availability. In the event one server is unavailable, key data will automatically be provided from other cluster members.

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