Cutting through the noise and sorting out the hybrid and multi-cloud imbroglio

This was backed up by a study from HyTrust in September which found that while 60% of VMworld attendees polled said they plan to move to a multi-cloud model, data encryption and security remain serious stumbling blocks.

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Amazon and VMware form alliance in the cloud

For organizations looking to adopt multi-cloud data encryption across their private and public cloud infrastructure, HyTrust DataControl not only provides the critical key management required but also provides data encryption that supports VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture and other multi-cloud deployments.

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HyTrust Announces Encryption Key Management Support for VMware

Today, HyTrust Inc., a leading workload security provider, announced encryption and key management support for VMware vSphere VM Encryption, announced as part of VMware vSphere 6.5.

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VMs Still Have Legs, Survey Finds

VMware (NYSE: VMW) announced a new vSphere encryption push that supports an encryption key management scheme from workload security specialist HyTrust Inc. VMware said this week its vSphere 6.5 cloud computing virtualization platform would support the ability to encrypt workloads using the HyTrust encryption method. VMware is an investor in HyTrust.

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HyTrust Announces Encryption Key Management Support for VMware vSphere VM Encryption

HyTrust DataControl provides advanced zero downtime encryption and key management for VMware workloads

With VMware-AWS Partnership, Everybody Wins

"Our customers faced a binary decision," Jassy said. "Either I use the VMware software and it's hard to actually use AWS for public cloud, or I use AWS and public cloud and I have to leave behind VMware software. Understandably, they didn't like that choice."

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The cloud’s role in the new digital economy

The cloud will be the ultimate catalyst in advancing governments into the digital economy. It's important, however, that agencies not proceed blindly or with undue haste. The key to success lies in carefully assessing the technology, policy and security requirements that allow the transition to be as seamless and safe as possible.

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AWS, VMware Partner on Hybrid Cloud Play

"Our customers were very clear with us," Jassy added. "They do not want a solution that will force them to buy more hardware. They want to use the same software they have been using for many years to run their infrastructure on premises."

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AWS and VMware Team Up in the Cloud

VMware also partnered with IBM earlier this year, a company with its own cloud ambitions. Since that partnership was announced, those two organizations jointly developed the VMware Cloud Foundation and "fueled a new ecosystem" of partners that support IBM and VMware solutions, including Intel, HyTrust, Veeam Software and Zerto.

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