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“HyTrust is a virtual appliance done right. Deployment in virtual environments is very simple, time-to-value is fast and easy, and the under-the-cover controls are flexible and feature rich, with a lot of capabilities to customize.” Dustin Schnabel, Senior Engineer, CoSentry

“With HyTrust Appliance, we gain the key advantage of being able to adhere closely to ITIL standards. For us, that’s a great confidence-builder, since we rely on ITIL to set the goal posts when it comes to tightly monitoring change in our virtual infrastructure.” Denver Museum’s Tech Systems Manager

“The HyTrust Appliance is the robust solution we need to offer essential new capabilities to our growing customer base – while enforcing policies and maintaining the utmost security.” UC Berkeley, System Administrator

“As we virtualize, HyTrust gives us the granularity we need to enforce access control and separation of duties among our cloud tenants, plus satisfy compliance standards.” Leading Finance Company, Company Infrastructure Architect/Security Architect

“We’ve been extremely pleased with the new capabilities that the HyTrust Appliance has provided to the Bank. The improved security, self-service functions, simplified compliance—all are helping us work more effectively to assist refugee populations. It’s amazing that one solution can address so many concerns across our whole implementation.” Major European Development Bank, Project Lead

“The automated features of the solution, ease in logging and level of detail have built trust in our virtualization strategy. From an operational standpoint, trying to physically segment the virtual infrastructure was cumbersome, complex and expensive.”Gurusimran Khalsa, Systems Group Supervisor, New Mexico Human Services Department

“As CEO, what I find exciting about HyTrust is that it enables companies like ours to have the best of both worlds: improved margins from cutting-edge virtualization alongside secure customer information, satisfied auditors, and happy board members.” CEO, Art.com

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