Board of Directors | HyTrust

Board of Directors

HyTrust’s board represents innovators and company builders with deep experience in their areas of expertise. We are building a world-class team with the skills and passion to transform cloud security.


HyTrust Board of Directors

  • John De Santis, Chairman and CEO, HyTrust
  • Eric Chiu, Founder and President, HyTrust
  • Stan Meresman, Independent Director
  • David ibnAle, Founding Partner, AVP
  • Brian Nugent, General Partner, Sway Ventures
  • Alberto Yepez, Managing Director, Trident Ventures

John De Santis | Chairman and CEO

John De Santis has operated at the bleeding edge of innovation and business transformation for over 30 years – with international and US based experience at venture-backed technology start-ups as...

Eric Chiu | Co-Founder and President

Eric Chiu is Co-Founder and President of HyTrust, leading the company’s Business Development and Marketing strategy. He has over 15 years of experience building startups, and leading Sales, Business Development...

Stan Meresman | Independent Director

Stan serves on the Board of Directors of high growth companies as an independent director, and often as chair of their Audit Committee. He is a coach/mentor to CEOs and...

David Ibnale | AVP

David is a Founding Partner and the Managing Partner of AVP. He has over twenty years of experience as an investor in small and mid-sized growth companies in the technology,...

Brian Nugent | General Partner

As a founding principal and General Partner in Sway Ventures, Brian Nugent is focused on building high-growth technology companies by providing capital and strategic acceleration solutions from a multi-national platform....

Alberto Yepez | Managing Director

Alberto Yépez is a Managing Director of Trident Capital. He joined the HyTrust board in May of 2008. Alberto has more than 25 years of experience in growing innovative, industry-leading...