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BoundaryControl Workload Segmentation

HyTrust BoundaryControl

Create trust between apps and infrastructure

The cloud brings huge advantages in terms of agility and cost. Workloads are now extremely dynamic. They are easily copied and moved ,with little control over where they physically reside.

HyTrust BoundaryControl further mitigates the risks of the advancing data center transformation. Now, you can tightly define and enforce where workloads are allowed to run. Using hardware-based tags such as Intel TXT, or even software-based, BoundaryControl automates policy enforcement by enforcing parameters such as:

  • Geography: Organizations can can specify location control by country, state, county or province. This is an ideal configuration for organizations that need to satisfy regulations to keep data within physical borders, such as the GDPR.
  • Security Level: Many organizations segment data (and datacenters) based upon risk classifications or levels of confidentiality. For example, security levels allow IT to ensure PCI data only runs on virtual infrastructure classified for PCI, thereby reducing PCI audit scope, or in the case of the government, that data for missions is kept physically separated.
  • Resource Level: Availability levels let IT classify and automatically validate that hardware meets the appropriate availability requirements for a given workload. This ensures, for example, that mission-critical applications cannot accidentally be moved to hosts that do not have a specific capacity.

BoundaryControl allows you to tightly define where workloads are allowed to run.

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