VMworld 2016 Retrospective - HyTrust

VMworld 2016 Retrospective


VMworld was a great show for HyTrust. We had blow-out attendance at our booth, we managed to have just the right attendance at our party at House of Blues (and better yet, reserved the same space for next year!) and best of all, some very large partners announced a very cool solution that we are an integral part of.

One of the undertones of this largely virtualization focused show was the theme of remaining relevant in a world that while widely deploying virtualization is also moving on to embrace the public cloud. There are a lot of smart people at VMware, so they have been on top of this for a while, first with vCloud Air, a hybrid cloud offering. In 2015 we worked with them to provide encryption and key management for vCloud Air, as detailed in the VMware Solution Exchange.

VMware Cloud Foundation

Which brings us to VMworld 2016 where VMware and IBM announced VMware Cloud Foundation on IBM Cloud. One of the primary intents is to offer a seamless passage for those wanting to enhance virtualized datacenters with public cloud without having to rework all their applications. Per the press release,   “organizations can now automatically provision pre-configured VMware Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) environments on IBM Cloud in hours versus weeks or months.”

This is a big deal. For HyTrust it gets even more interesting because we are built into the Cloud Foundation offering. The SoftLayer/IBM Cloud folks have been interested in Intel TXT for a while – and for good reason. Intel TXT provides a hardware based way that you can ensure that the right VM either runs (or does not run) on a particular CPU. The implications are interesting for those concerned with data sovereignty or those interested in data Geofencing, capabilities that are enabled by HyTrust BoundaryControl. We also bring unique compliance automation and encryption capabilities to the mix. For operations types, one of the more important aspects of our encryption offering is our ability to not only schedule encryption rekeying but to do it with zero downtime. Here’s the IBM take, and here’s the Intel take, The Road to a Secure, Compliant Cloud Begins with HyTrust.

Until next year…stay cloudy my friends.

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