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The Trump Era is here – what can you do…

Regardless of your leanings or political affiliation, there is a general sense of apprehension, excitement and confusion of what the future might bring. Since none of us are fortune tellers (I think), we can’t predict what the future might entail but there are some calculated guesses that we could make and take action based on that now!

Eric at a panel at #structureconf

One of the things we have heard during the debates and the campaign trails is ‘Building a wall’. While this may immediately conjure visions of a physical wall between our neighbor to the south and us, in fact we must extend our imagination and visualize a ‘virtual wall’. I am not trying to scare you but rather prognosticate using the cues that we have seen so far, not just with the election cycle but also looking at other regulations – such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) in the EU – to make a judgement call. And that conclusion is that every US enterprise and global enterprise needs to be manically focused NOW on the ‘WHAT and WHERE of the data they collect. Why so?

Because we should expect that there could be regulations coming down in the near future (just look at the GDPR across the pond), that demand enterprises to be able to identify Jane Doe’s data and on demand be able to shred that immediately. Or Enterprise Zoo needs to guarantee given its global footprint that data in Germany stays in Germany and doesn’t breach that boundary. This is what we at HyTrust call Geo-Fencing. If that piques your interest (if it doesn’t, well let’s not go there…) check out our solution descriptions here.

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