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Safe Harbor

Coping with Safe Harbor

The October 6 end of Safe Harbor is an event that will probably be significantly more impactful than many currently realize. Up until October 6, US companies doing business in Europe in a way that resulted in them holding Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on European Union citizens were able to self certify that they were […]

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Any Safe Harbor in a Storm?

October 6 may end up being a day that lives in infamy for many in the international tech community. That was the day that the European Court of Justice struck down the Safe Harbor framework. What is this Safe Harbor thing Anyway? The whole Safe Harbor framework was an agreement that helped web and cloud […]

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Houston, We Have a Problem

When the Apollo 13 astronauts had a problem, quick action was needed for the astronauts’ safety and success of the mission, as is often the case with space travel. Companies who handle data between the US and the EU are today realizing… “We have a problem.”   That problem is the obliteration of US-EU Safe […]

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