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Four Data Crimes You Don’t Need to Commit

Picture a crime scene after a break-in. The images in your mind might include broken windows, shattered glass and signs of a struggle. Does that vision change if you learn the break-in took place virtually, affecting the contents of a data center – instead of a home? When a data breach occurs, there’s no physical […]

Let’s Go All The Way

There is a certain frustration when you map out some wonderful plan only to see it get stalled somewhere close to the finish line. Doesn’t matter what it is – that epic blog post, the 427 Cobra project in the garage or even wrapping up that virtualization certification – whatever. One thing we have seen […]

Infosec Europe 2016 – Stand A105 – HyTrust will be there

Once again this year, June 7-9, Infosec Europe is happening in London and this year’s show promises to be the best one yet. Last year the show had over 12,000 visitors from 80 countries. This year, we anticipate an even bigger and better turnout. We invite you to drop by for a shot or two […]

Obligatory Ashley Madison Ambulance Chasing Blog Post

“I am surprised….no encryption has been used” – Per Thorsheim, security expert on Ashley Madison breach quoted by BBC News. As you have probably heard, Ashley Madison, a dating site for married people who wanted to date outside their marriage, was breached and as of August 18, about 10 gigs of data containing personal information […]

Phasers or Shields? Hackback vs. Defensive Approaches

For years there has been discussion of “hacking back”, using active measures to deal with attacks, including striking back at the systems used to launch attacks. Indeed, CrowdStrike raised eyebrows back in 2011 with statements that many read as being in favor of hacking back or retaliating against attackers. More recently, Randall Fort, director of […]

Get More out of the Cloud

The public cloud has been widely adopted, not only by consumers but also by enterprises ranging in size from SMB to Fortune 500. Indeed, one of the challenges of the cloud has been containing and controlling that migration as many have found it faster and more convenient to route around corporate IT and deploy cloud […]

Encryption Key Management vs. Cloud-Based Encryption: Protecting Data from Governments (and Hackers)

The Snowden scandal did more than alert businesses to the increasing dangers of system intrusion. It also made us realize that part of our national defense system includes keeping tabs on data in the cloud. With so much information stored in the cloud, how can we be sure those hosting our data aren’t obligated to […]

When Consumer Privacy Is a Competitive Advantage, Security Can Be a Marketing Tool

New research from Forrester predicts that strong privacy policies will give businesses a competitive edge in 2015. We think Forrester has a good point. Research shows that privacy is a major concern for consumers, so companies with strong security will be able to leverage their strength and enjoy the marketing benefits. When faced with the […]

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