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CloudControl Protection for NSX

The Three Categories of Container Security

Overview When it comes to securing containers one has to consider a holistic approach. Besides the security and integrity of the images one needs to ensure the container infrastructure i.e the container management system such as Kubernetes orchestrator and the virtual machines or hosts where the orchestrator is running are properly secured. Even though the […]

NSX Security and VMworld 2015

VMworld 2015 was such a rush for us here at HyTrust. First, we started by announcing our enhanced security, policy and compliance product for VMware NSX, imaginatively named HyTrust CloudControl for VMware NSX. The culmination of a great deal of blood, sweat and late nights coding on the part of our engineering staff, CloudControl for […]

HyTrust CloudControl for VMware NSX

We are exceptionally proud to announce that we have added support for VMware NSX. Just as VMware brought the power of virtualization to the network with NSX, we have brought the same sort of visibility, compliance and control that we have always supplied for vSphere, but now it is available for NSX as well. To […]

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