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I For One Welcome our Ozzie and Kiwi Virtual Masters

Back at VMworld 2015 we got Best of Show for our NSX Security product – a great thing, but not the only good thing to happen at the show. One of the other good things was having a conversation with Simon Sharwood (@ssharwood), APAC editor for The Register (@theregister). Simon is a sharp guy and one of the things that can happen when you talk to sharp guys is you learn something new.

One of the things we got out of Simon was the somewhat surprising fact that Australia and New Zealand are beyond just centers of excellence for things like Rugby (All Blacks) and some of the very best cars in the world (Holden), but that they are also driving innovation in virtualization and are in fact probably the most virtualized countries in the world.

Speaking of things antipodean, if you have never seen the All Blacks traditional warrior dance, which has become an integral part of the local take on rugby, it is time to experience The Haka, below:

Be sure to follow Simon and The Reg on Twitter and Simon, thanks for doing the video with us.

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