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My Right To Be Forgotten!

Erasure – the essential right to be forgotten

Seriously, that title is right out of a sentence from the GDPR – the General Data Protection Regulation, the original draft that was published by the European Union in 2012 but more pertinently the changes are to be ushered in 2018 which is less than two years away. So if you are an enterprise that is either doing business inside EU or is resident in the EU then you should be really paying attention to what this means.

The technical term has evolved from ‘the right to be forgotten’ to ‘erasure’ but the import is the same. The stipulation states – Individuals can require data to be erased when there is a problem of underlying legality of the processing or where they withdraw consent.

Let’s examine how an enterprise or a service provider should do to prepare for this. A great way would be to constantly inventory the data that falls into this category –  tag it and encrypt it. Why so? Because by tagging the data you are always aware of where the data resides and by encrypting it you are well on the path to ‘erasing’ the data if and when the need arises. Wait – how can encryption really allow me to be prepared to ‘erase’ the data. Glad you asked. Take a look at what HyTrust has to offer today with our Data Control product and we are here to help with any additional questions.

So you can be well on your way to help folks be forgotten !

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