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Securing the Post-Chewy Center SDDC: Enhanced Multi-Cloud Workload Security

Today we announced updates to our DataControl and CloudControl products to help provide even better protection for the new virtualized and multi-cloud enterprise. Over the past few years the data center has changed radically, but security has struggled to keep up, necessitating a new approach. John Kindervag at Forrester was one of the first to […]

How often should you rekey encrypted data?

The initial downtime taken to encrypt data is often one of the main stumbling blocks to deploying an encryption solution. As data sets move into the terabytes, the downtime associated with initial encryption can often exceed available maintenance windows. Solutions such as HyTrust DataControl alleviate these issues by allowing the applications to continue running while […]

HyTrust DataControl now provides full KMIP server capabilities

HyTrust and Cryptsoft recently announced that HyTrust are using Cryptsoft’s KMIP technology in our KeyControl encryption key management solution, which is part of our DataControl Cloud Encryption product. You can read the press release here: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/hytrust-datacontrol-adopts-cryptsoft-kmip-technology-300280867.html So what is KMIP? There have been many attempts over the years to produce a key management standard allowing […]

My Right To Be Forgotten!

Seriously, that title is right out of a sentence from the GDPR – the General Data Protection Regulation, the original draft that was published by the European Union in 2012 but more pertinently the changes are to be ushered in 2018 which is less than two years away. So if you are an enterprise that […]

Paradigm Shifts, Zero Trust Security and the Copernican Revolution

Back in the day, people believed all sorts of things that would be viewed as odd and peculiar today. One such belief was Ptolemaic or Geocentric model of the solar system (animated gif above, right side – earth is blue). This model put the earth at the center with the stars and planets rotating around […]

Yes, HyTrust Does VDI

We have a new intern in the office, Ananya, who is doing some good work. These positions are always a challenge because while you want to get some useful work out of the arrangement you also want there to be some educational value to the intern. With the rapid pace of technology and unanswered questions […]

The Internet of Tamagotchi

Remember the Tamagotchi? You know, the Japanese electronic toy pet from the 90’s that required constant futzing and maintenance otherwise it would die? 76 million of them shipped and they were a big hit. My best friend’s kids had ‘em and they would cry when they died and would cry even more if some sort […]


On the morning of 24 June 2016 when Great Britain woke up to the news that the referendum to leave the European Union passed, a lot of things changed. One of them was a nearly 70 year trend toward a more unified, centralized Europe. Partly motivated by a desire to avoid a repeat of the […]

Let’s Go All The Way

There is a certain frustration when you map out some wonderful plan only to see it get stalled somewhere close to the finish line. Doesn’t matter what it is – that epic blog post, the 427 Cobra project in the garage or even wrapping up that virtualization certification – whatever. One thing we have seen […]

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