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Trusted Stock Exchange: From Hardware to Trading

As technologists, we tend to drink much of our own Kool-aid. As such, it is ever more gratifying when our newest, shiniest technology is adopted by customers who realize the intended benefits exactly. One recent example is new customer Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporate (TWSE), one of premier APAC financial institutions providing stock exchange and trading […]

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VMware and EMC Pivot with Pivotal

In a much anticipated announcement, Joe Tucci, EMC’s CEO, has given some details about Pivotal initiative. It will will be made up of EMC’s data analytics division, Greenplum, and its Pivotal Labs group, along with VMware’s vFabric, SpringSource and Gemstone units. Also included in the new venture are VMware’s data analytics company, Cetas, and CloudFoundry, […]

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Risk and Rewards: Notes from RSA 2013

Last week, the entire HyTrust marketing team was up in Moscone Center for RSA 2013. What a rush! We’ve anticipated 2013 would be a good year for RSA – and it was. Security practitioners from variety of industries – universities, hospitals, retailers, financials – all had solid understanding of risks that cloud services introduce to […]

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VMware security advisory – patch now to keep remote users from corrupting your systems

Most of HyTrust customers are VMware customers, and most of virtual machines they are deploying are running Windows OS. We wanted to make sure this important security advisory did not fall through the cracks. The problem is identified by Vmware as VMSA-2013-0002 ( http://www.vmware.com/security/advisories/VMSA-2013-0002.html ) The vulnerability is in VMCE.sys driver, which is an essential […]

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Response to Joe McKendrick piece

I just read a great piece by Joe McKendrick presenting the results from Nasuni’s survey on shadow IT. http://www.zdnet.com/the-greatest-violators-of-it-cloud-security-policie… The most interesting survey result, in my opinion, is that 49% of users, who are aware of the IT policy prohibiting the use of external cloud services, do not adhere to the rules anyway. Even more […]

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Predictions for cloud security 2013

In 2013, opportunities to virtualize more will be abundant. Today, roughly 40% of enterprise IT infrastructure has been virtualized. Governance is still largely manual (where it exists at all), and office politics are in force around these issues. Also, many organizations still run and rely on processes originally designed for physical and being (and/or attempted […]

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Virtualization New Years Resolutions for 2013

In the last few months of 2012 I had an opportunity to talk to many HyTrust customers and prospects, representing a cross-section of IT leadership in public and private sector. In these these discussions, several thoughts on improving IT effectiveness in 2013 have been repeated over and over again. Since we’re still in a holiday […]

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