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How Data for One of the Biggest US Banks Got Compromised

Many merchants look to their banks and card brands for guidance to meet compliance requirements and properly store and process credit card information. Banks oblige. For example, on the merchant website of Bank of America (http://merch.bankofamerica.com/data-security/data-compromise/types-of-br…) there is a clear and compelling description of the possible electronic breaches and measure that should be taken to […]

Department of Energy Access Credentials? – Sold

If I had a dollar every time I heard “we hired our administrators – we trust them” I would be able to buy a very nice car by now. Of course, this optimistic outlook can use a doze of healthy paranoia. Most administrators are good trustworthy corporate citizens. However, there are always some who get […]

We Need You! VMworld Session Voting Closes May 6

VMworld US 2012 was a fantastic event for HyTrust, our customers, partners, and friends. Now VMworld 2013 — just a few months away — will no doubt be even better. Why? Because you have the opportunity to choose the sessions you want to see come August. This is your chance to tell show organizers exactly […]

HIPAA non-compliance penalties double – now $50K per violation up to $1.5M annually

To strengthen privacy and security protections, department of health and human services have modified both HIPAA and HITECH. Both modifications are effective as of March 25, 2013. Organizations have six months grace period to comply with the new stricter rules, or until September of this year. What’s interesting is that in addition to hospitals, doctors […]

It’s Time to Rethink Security In-line with Emerging Technologies and Change the Way We Do Business

Verizon’s 2013 Data Breach Investigation Report released last week indicates that most data breaches now involve stolen credentials, back doors and brute force attacks. In addition, it confirms what HyTrust has also found — that the vast majority of breaches aren’t detected until months after compromise. This is a critical situation, and with the majority […]

Poetic Injustices of Cloud Security

Sometimes we see a cloud that’s dragonish; A vapour sometime like a bear or lion, A tower’d citadel, a pendent rock One can find a Shakspeare quotation like the above in the code of malware, modified version of Citadel trojan, distributed by a so-called “Poetry group”, a new hacker group that was first detected in […]

451 Research Report: HyTrust chalks up fresh funding, more and bigger deals

We at HyTrust are very excited to see a great report on HyTrust from Rachel Chalmers at 451 Research that was just published. Rachel interviewed Paul de Graaff (formerly CISO of AIG) as well in the report as the “CISO” that she mentions. Please also note the 451 Research summary: ********************** The 451 Take All […]

Help! We’ve Been Compromised — 87 Days Ago…

Between DDoS attacks, persistent security threats, and BYOD dynamics, insider threat has not attracted much attention lately. Thus, it was refreshing to see an example to the contrary with nice coverage by @joemckendrick of a new data security study published in February by Ponemon Institute. http://www.attachmate.com/assets/Ponemon_2012_Report.pdf Personally, I am not too familiar with the Ponemon […]

Trusted Stock Exchange: From Hardware to Trading

As technologists, we tend to drink much of our own Kool-aid. As such, it is ever more gratifying when our newest, shiniest technology is adopted by customers who realize the intended benefits exactly. One recent example is new customer Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporate (TWSE), one of premier APAC financial institutions providing stock exchange and trading […]

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