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Intel SGX Holds a lot of Promise for Secure Cloud Computing

If you’re like me, you may have missed an announcement from Intel for what could be a key piece to solving data security issues in the cloud. Last September Intel announced SGX (Software Guard Extensions) which will be available in processors in the near future. As the article says “At its root, Intel SGX is […]

Yahoo! Mail breach: What every user needs to know

Yahoo! recently disclosed that attackers stole a list of usernames and passwords from a third party. It hasn’t disclosed how many users were affected, but the company reset passwords and added two-factor authentication for victims. This breach underscores the vulnerabilities that organizations face not only in their own environments but also third parties they work […]

The Open-SSL Breach: A cloud security lesson

On December 29th, the homepage of the OpenSSL website was defaced, leading to speculation about the root cause of the attack. While initial investigation pointed to a possible compromise at the hypervisor, it turns out that this was not the problem. As stated by the OpenSSL organization: “The OpenSSL server is a virtual server which […]

How do you securely destroy your data?

When building a comprehensive data security plan, organizations are beginning to recognize how long data can stick around – especially in virtualized infrastructures. It has never been more important to make sure that your data is permanently deleted when it is no longer needed. In a recent discussion thread, public cloud users discuss some of […]

What To Do When Your Credit Card Is Breached

In light of the recent breach of over 40 million credit and debit cards at Target, it makes sense to review some key actions consumers should take if they are concerned that their cards information was included. 1. Call your credit card company or check online to verify current charges, even if you haven’t been […]

Buckle Up! HyTrust and HighCloud Security for faster cloud adoption

I am very excited to share with you today that HyTrust has acquired HighCloud Security, a leader in cloud encryption and key management. The combination of our technologies will help organizations take advantage of the cloud more quickly, and more securely. HighCloud is a fantastic complement to HyTrust — adding cloud-optimized data security and privacy […]

HyTrust Covered in Barron’s Article, “Danger to Data Security: When Gods Become Demons”

We recently received coverage in a Barron’s article titled “Danger to Data Security: When Gods Become Demons”. The piece looks at the advantages and risks of IT virtualization and features a prominent quote from HyTrust co-founder and president Eric Chiu on the main challenge facing today’s virtualization efforts: ” ‘The key thing holding back the […]

Who Holds The Keys To Your Data Kingdom?

HyTrust co-founder and president Eric Chiu recently penned an article for Wired Magazine called “Brand Damage Through Information Access”, dissecting Edward Snowden’s leak of sensitive government data and its value as a fascinating, but troubling case study for the IT sector. Eric wrote: “Every corporation now has tremendous amounts of data and resources in virtualized […]

Establishing the ‘Two-Man Rule’ and Trust in Your IT Staff

The insider threat has come into greater focus in the wake of Edward Snowden’s admission that he leaked government secrets. The director of the NSA, Gen. Keith B. Alexander, said his agency would institute “a two-man rule” that would limit the ability of each of its 1,000 system administrators to gain unfettered access to the […]

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