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Multi-Cloud Workload Security at VMworld 2016

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Once again it is time for VMworld and once again we are excited to be at the show. This year the show is in Las Vegas instead of San Francisco, which for some is an exciting change and for others a bit of a pain. Regardless we are going to be there (Booth 734) and we are going to be sharing the gospel of Multi-Cloud Workload Security.

What is Multi-Cloud Workload Security?

There are a couple key components to Multi-Cloud Workload Security, one is being able to secure a mix of private and public clouds from a single pane of glass. As shadow IT comes in out of the cold and as non-shadow IT moves to the cloud with a view to maximize uptime and minimize downtime, it is increasingly unlikely that any particular organization is going to be able to meet all their needs with any one cloud. As an example, an organization that has run workloads on AWS for a long time may want to move some to Microsoft Azure or the IBM Cloud for a couple reasons. One is that from a risk management perspective they may not want to keep all their eggs in the AWS basket. Another reason is cost – it may be cheaper to use one cloud provider than another – and there is no reason to assume that pricing is going to remain fixed in any way. Same for private and public cloud – in some cases it may be cheaper to roll your own cloud in the form of Azure Stack or similar and guess what? IT is going to want to manage it all and they are not going to want to add multiple management interfaces.

While an organization might maintain accounts across multiple cloud providers, they may also want to move workloads in response to pricing. In cases such as this one, having encryption that moves with the workload and single pane of glass for management would be a huge advantage.

Speaking of moving with the workload, one of the other core tenets of our approach to cloud security is that the crunchy shell/chewy middle model is long dead and that much in the same way that John Kindervag called it in No More Chew Centers: The Zero Trust Model of Information Security – the perimeter model of security is dead and that you need to apply security across all assets and you need to be able to inspect and log all traffic.

Similarly, we see the traditional data center with fire wall as crunchy outer shell as being past its expiration date with the way forward being to bake policy, encryption and other forms of workload protection into the workload itself and to do so in such a way that security stays with the workload regardless of movement to different physical hosts in the same cloud or migration to different clouds entirely.


Trip Around the World?


Speaking of travel, migration, movement and the like, if you are going to be at VMworld drop by the HyTrust booth so you can register to win a trip around the world. We will be drawing a winner from all registrants on Wednesday at 3:00PM and to make things more interesting you must be present to win.

Party at the Crossroads

HyTrust VMworld PartyOn the topic of things festive and fun, we are also having a party at the House of Blues right after the show Tuesday night 6-9. This provides another excuse to drop by HyTrust at Booth 734 because you will need to pick up a ticket to get in to the party.

We have other cool things going on at the show, you can check out the official HyTrust VMworld page here.

Hope to see you at the show!

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