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Let’s Go All The Way

427 Cobra project in the garage.

There is a certain frustration when you map out some wonderful plan only to see it get stalled somewhere close to the finish line. Doesn’t matter what it is – that epic blog post, the 427 Cobra project in the garage or even wrapping up that virtualization certification – whatever.

One thing we have seen is that many organizations out there have at least targeted 100% virtualization. It’s a noble goal and at first glance there are no reasons that it shouldn’t be doable.

One area that has gotten in the way of many orgs and their journey to complete virtualization is the Active Directory Domain Controller. More specifically, there are issues with virtualizing and encrypting Microsoft Domain Controllers that have until now prevented many organizations from completing their journey to 100% virtualization – little things like not being able to boot a fully encrypted virtualized Domain Controller.

The good news is that the HyTrust DataControl encryption and key management suite is one resource that organizations could use to “go all the way.”

With HyTrust DataControl not only do you get Zero Downtime Encryption, but you can also not only virtualize your Domain Controllers, you can encrypt them too. Best of all, automated key management comes with the package, so you can manage not only your HyTrust keys but also any other standards-based, KMIP-capable encryption you have, on-prem or in the cloud.

Learn more about how HyTrust can help you complete your virtualization journey with this solutions brief, Virtualize Active Directory Infrastructure to Unleash Savings.

Until then, please enjoy Sly Fox’s “Let’s go all the way”

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