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Improve Security with Proactive Support: HyTrust KeyControl and Vitals

Deploying systems to improve the security of virtual infrastructure is not an option; it is a must. Protecting business-critical data and systems in a world of data leaks, infiltration, malware and more requires taking proactive measures before there is a problem. However, as more systems are deployed in a virtual infrastructure, complexity increases, along with associated increases in cost and decreases in reliability. Day to day, when there are no attacks, it can be difficult to justify this added complexity: why should I pay for health insurance when I haven’t gotten sick?

Most business understand these tradeoffs and willingly buy and deploy a variety of security software. But that doesn’t mean they do not consider ease-of-use when making a procurement decision, nor does it mean they should ignore on-going management costs. While security is important, often the last thing a busy IT administrator wants is another application to learn about and check up on every day.

By making security software easier to deploy and simple to manage, security vendors can help businesses protect themselves and ensure they stay protected; insurance gets less expensive, and so it is used more. In essence, the automated management of security solutions is part of security too.

HyTrust has taken this observation to heart, and so HyTrust KeyControl, already one of the easiest Key Management (including KMIP) solutions to deploy and manage, is now even easier. Version 4.2.1 onwards ships with the ability to enable Vitals, proactive monitoring software built right into the KeyControl virtual appliance. Vitals runs every day in mission critical HyTrust appliances, scanning for and identifying possible issues or red flags. When enabled, it creates a bundle of diagnostic information, encrypts the bundle and transfers it securely to HyTrust, similar to how app developers receive reports of operational problems. HyTrust support personnel can monitor the incoming data and proactively reach out to our customers if any problems are detected.

The HyTrust KeyControl Vitals service helps ensure that everything is operating as expected and, if not, HyTrust support can get a head start of problem root cause analysis and resolution. For example, a customer might not know that a cluster entered degraded mode due to network problems, their license is about to expire, or that disk space is expected to run out in two weeks. If left unaddressed, those problems could even lead to unexpected downtime in the future. When these conditions are reported by Vitals, HyTrust support can help address those problems immediately.

By enabling your security infrastructure to help monitor itself, HyTrust can reduce management costs, improve reliability, and ultimately boost security. And that’s something a security admin and an IT professional can agree on.

To find out more about HyTrust KeyControl including getting a 60-day trial, click here.

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